In the book, Child Guidance, Ellen White wrote, “We need men well trained, well-educated, to work in the interests of the churches…religious training shall not be neglected.” Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries believes that a “well-educated” chaplain corps provides the best in ministry and spiritual care to those within our sphere of influence.

As chaplains progress through each level of education, they are exposed to new educational material.

Chaplains in all settings should have the necessary skills and training to work with a designated population in counseling and critical stress management, leadership, religious education, and active community outreach.

As a specialized ministry, chaplaincy not only requires theological education, but specific insights from the behavioral sciences, as well. If chaplains have not received a combination of these courses, they should pursue training in order to function properly in a variety of chaplaincy settings. Balanced study in these areas empowers chaplains in pastoral care and counseling.