Greetings, colleagues, from the air as we wing our way from Hanoi to Beijing (where I will send this) and then to Washington.
         We had a wonderful day of praising God in Hanoi on Tuesday, May 23, 2018!  It was a high day for the Seventh-day Adventist Church and its focus on mission and Total Member Involvement (TMI).  After some years of planning, the Hanoi Center of Influence was officially opened and dedicated…….PRAISE BE TO GOD!   This is the first Seventh-day Adventist building we have owned in Hanoi in recent times.  It was miraculously placed in our hands through God’s leading for a very attractive price.  It has seven floors which have been so nicely finished to a high quality.  The floors were dedicated on Tuesday with prayers and will be used for community and evangelistic outreach such as:  a health food and book center, English language school, music school, ADRA Vietnam headquarters, Vietnamese SDA Church, International SDA Church, health education outreach, etc.  A center of influence is a place in a city to make contact with people as outlined by the Spirit of Prophecy.  This is part of Mission to the Cities and following “Christ’s method alone” of reaching people.
        Greater Hanoi is a city of about eight million people and we have only two small groups of Seventh-day Adventists who meet on Sabbaths.  They have both been meeting in rented or temporary quarters.  Now, we will have a permanent home for those groups with the objective of having many more groups around the city.  You cannot reach a large city from one location…….cities are really many small neighborhoods or towns that make up a large city.  By God’s grace, the Hanoi Center of Influence will encourage the establishing of many more smaller centers throughout the city.
        The Vietnam Adventist Mission, the Southeast Asia Union, the Southern Asia-Pacific Division, and the General Conference have all been involved in the organization of this new center of influence in Hanoi.  Many have been involved in the meticulous work of preparation of this wonderful building.  Now, personnel and members will be involved in touching the lives of hundreds and thousands in Hanoi to point them to Christ and His salvation.  Jannie Bekker, Assistant to the SE Asia Union President, has been foremost in organizing this unusual opportunity under God’s guidance.  Peter Koolik, GC Development and Construction Consulting Service volunteer coordinator, has also been very instrumental in the development of the center.
        Tuesday afternoon, we made two different government office visits to share more about what Seventh-day Adventists are doing in Vietnam and the assistance being given to the public following Christ’s method of reaching people physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually.  We were well-received in both meetings and we praise God for His leading.
        What a privilege to be part of this Advent movement and follow the Spirit of Prophecy counsel for working the cities through the power of the Holy Spirit!  This center of influence in Hanoi now joins many other centers of influence around the world doing their part to proclaim Christ and His three angels’ messages through practical methods of spiritual instruction in preparation of Christ’s second coming!  GC Adventist Mission has been very strongly involved in developing centers of influence around the world.  Pray for the dedicated workers and members who are working in these centers of influence to touch the lives of individuals and introduce them to Christ.  We will have the privilege of officially opening in July 2018 a newly renovated center of influence in Cairo, Egypt.  Please pray for Mission to the Cities, Comprehensive Health Ministry, Total Member Involvement, and so many other approaches to reaching the millions in the cities of this work.  Pray and work for the people of the cities since we are very close to Christ’s soon return.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to fill our lives and work.  Pray for the latter rain of the Holy Spirit.  Jesus is coming soon!
      May God bless each of you in your special work for Him!
Ted N. C. Wilson