Six ECD Countries Represented

The 250+ chaplains attending the East Central Africa Division (ECD) Chaplaincy Conference represent six countries and the following Unions–South Sudan, East Kenya Union Conference, West Kenya Union Conference, Northern Tanzania Union Conference, South Tanzania Union Mission, Rwanda Union Mission, Burundi Union Mission, East Congo Union Mission, West Congo Union Mission, North East Congo Union Mission, and Uganda Union Mission.  The countries represented are South Sudan, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, and Uganda. Union and conference ACM directors and the Division president are also participating in the meetings.

The chaplains will receive training from the head of nursing and medical services of Bugema Clinic, a lawyer and advocate of the Uganda High Court, a psychologist, as well as Dr. Mario Ceballos, General Conference ACM Director, and Dr. Jiwan Moon, General Conference ACM Associate Director and Public Campus Ministries world coordinator.

Chaplains serve on campuses, in hospitals, militaries, prisons, and communities in East-Central Africa Division. Chaplains from Congo, Tanzania, and Kenya gave their encouraging reports during the ECD Chaplains Training and Convention. Many individuals are accepting Jesus as their personal Savior and have been baptized. Many of those who were baptized include those who are in correctional facilities. Many students were also baptized thanks to dedicate service of many chaplains. Photo credits: Mario E. Ceballos and Jiwan Moon

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