Total Member Involvement in Rwanda

Did you know that your brothers and sisters in the Seventh-day Adventist Church are currently engaged in a nationwide evangelism campaign in the country of Rwanda. There are 2200 series of meetings going simultaneously throughout the country. Here is a brief report from Elder Ted Wilson, president of the world church, on his opening weekend experience.

“We are having a great time at our evangelistic meetings in Rwanda.  I had some technical problems the first night and rain, but God is blessing enormously.  Already many people accepting to prepare for baptism–Sabbath morning about 146 people came forward for studying and baptism.  Saturday night probably 60-70 came forward and this is only the beginning of the meetings. At Nancy’s meetings she has had about the same number cumulatively come forward.

“Members are really involved in Total Member Involvement and have been working so diligently for months!  Praise God!  Nancy is preaching her own series with about 5,000 people present on Sabbath. I had about 7,000 on Sabbath morning.  We are only two of over 2200 sites across Rwanda. I believe things are going well across the country.  By God’s grace, there will be tens of thousands of baptisms on Sabbath, May 28, since so much groundwork has been done by pastors and lay people in Rwanda.

“There is a health expo taking place today in Gisenyi where Nancy and I are preaching, so Comprehensive Health Ministry is being well represented.  We also will be having health lectures at my evangelistic site.  We give God all the glory!  Praise God for His goodness!”

You can follow Elder Wilson on Facebook at Pastor Ted Wilson.

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