On April 10, 2023, this presentation was made at the 2023 General Conference Spring Meeting Session. It highlights the ministry of Adventist Chaplains worldwide.
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This week Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries is in Sao Paulo, Brazil, South American Division. We opened our meetings with reflection in prayer this morning.

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 Health care chaplains from the South American Division are immersed this week in various types of training. The courses are designed to give them practical ideas that can be used in their daily ministry.

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Gary Councell, GC ACM Director and Dr. Mario Ceballos, GC ACM Associate Director discuss strategies      for the ministry of chaplains in the South American Division with SAD President Erton Kohler and SAD ACM Director Bruno Raso.

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 Stephen M.R. Covey presented his seminar –”The Speed of Trust Transformation Process.”